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Your return must be communicated and sent within 15 days of receipt.
Your item must arrive within 15 days of the delivery date.


Once you have received the confirmation of acceptance of the return, the garment must be sent within the following 24/48 hours , if you decide to return it to us via your express courier.

Items shipped after 48 hours from acceptance will not be accepted .

Returns shipped not by express courier with parcel tracking will not be accepted. 

We recommend that you book your pickup within 7 days from the delivery date to make sure it arrives at ours within the time limit allowed.



  1.   Send an email to , indicating the  your order number and the reason for the return .
  2.   Wait for our return acceptance confirmation email where you will find all the info 
  3.   Choose the return "By courier" our courier that we will send you in the following 24/48 hours, or tell us that you will make the return through your           Express courier. also in this case you will have to make the return within the following 24/48 h and indicate the courier and the shipping number. 
  4.   The return is always charged to the customer .



If you have decided to change the item or keep your shopping by switching it into a GOOD SPEND, you have 30 days to make it


once the item has been received, verifying its status as compliant, and made within the time allowed, we will refund the item, excluding the shipping and return costs, if it was done by our courier.

The refund is made within 2 to 15 days from the arrival of the return.



Vouchers, received as a gift or issued for an exchange, have a validity of 30 days .

Therefore remember to use them in this period of time otherwise at their expiration they will no longer have value and will be considered null.

Coupons are ALWAYS valued on the actual price of the product, and never on that  in promotion or on sale.

If the voucher is used for an Online purchase, we remind you that the shipping costs are always charged to the customer.

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