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ROCK 'n Rose offers a fully customized and customizable tailored suit service.

We create, following your needs, tailored suits of the highest quality, totally tailored.

For special events, for special occasions or just for the sake of wearing something exclusive, why not make a one-of-a-kind dress sewn on you !!!

We will be at your disposal to try to best make your dream dress, trying to satisfy all your needs: from the model, to the search for fabrics, from the estimate aligning ourselves to your budget, to the realization of the sketch,
  the taking of the measurements, and the actual realization of the suit (under the careful vision of our tailor who has been working for years in the high fashion sector and the most famous brands in the sector), which will be followed by various tests until the dress will not be perfect!

The real Made in Italy sewn on you, obviously with a
  touch of ROCK 'n Rose!
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